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The Price Of A Project, Or Talking Vernon Gholston

It's not fun to be Vernon Gholston these days.

The sixth overall pick in the 2008 draft, Gholston was hailed as a freak of nature, the kind of guy who could single-handedly revitalize a pass rush. The New York Jets certainly thought he would be, and they eagerly awaited his contributions on the field. Sadly, they're still waiting, and it appears Gholston's disappointing tenure in New Jersey is drawing to a close.

This isn't a potential free agent post because I can't imagine the readily Falcons taking on such a colossal bust, but it raises some interesting questions. When does a guy become so poisoned by the bust label that no team will take him seriously again? Could Gholston still become something, despite the ignoble start to his career? Would the Falcons be well-served by taking on such a project?

Of course, it's hard to wrap up a discussion like this without mentioning our own Jamaal Anderson, a guy who has been far more successful than Gholston but remains somewhat of a bust for not living up to his draft status. What is it with these defensive ends?

I'd be interested to hear your takes on it. Take away.