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Saturday Six Pack: Combine Weekend Edition 2/26/11

Matty Ice 6 pack.
Matty Ice 6 pack.

Bet you didn't see that title coming. This weekend is the NFL combine, but I'm too poor of a soul to be able to afford a luxury such as cable television, so I'll have to make do with what the experts are saying and some numbers. It ought to make for a fun read.

Let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

AJC: The AJC triumphantly returns to the front of the SSP with a few nice little reads. I won't take credit for finding this article about Fort Valley State WR Ricardo Lockette interviewing with the Falcons (one of the readers discovered it. I'm giving props to you as I type this). That leads into this interview with Comrade, which is rather lengthy but is quite an amazing read. I say interview, but it was a media session.

Canal Street Chronicles: It pains me to say this, but our loathed enemies over at CSC raise an interesting point about the NFC South possibly being the most competitive division in the NFL. He provides some interesting insight as to why the NFC South is so awesome. Plus, our own Dave commented on there and survived. As always, be nice. Dwight Collins from writes this article that provides the other side of the Georgia Dome argument. Collins asks Atlanta if the Dome is really in need of a replacement? He makes a pretty compelling argument.

Sports Illustrated: This article from the AP on highlights the ideal to have a new concussion test in the NFL. Naturally, they're going to talk about other things, but who knows how many of them will be changed. This is also the first mention of Rick McKay in like 6 months.

ESPN: I'm sad that I failed to see this article the first three times I looked at ESPN tonight, but Pat Yasinskas has delivered with this article about Peria Jerry and some of our plans for this offseason. All the Jerry haters should take notice that TD believes Jerry's gonna be back in full form this year. Also, he's not going to sit by and let the speedsters pass us by. Have faith in the Comrade!

Random Funny: Whenever Homer Simpson is involved in anything, there's usually something funny.