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ESPN Runs Down Atlanta Falcons Off-Season Needs

You've got a clear picture in your mind of what the Falcons need entering the 2011 season. You know the Falcons need (insert position here), and you know they'll get it through (insert method here), and they better do so right damn (insert time measurement). You're pretty sure you've got the right list, and who am I to argue?

Still, it's worth reviewing the list provided by Pat Yasinskas of ESPN. I suspect that many of you will nod as you read it, if only for the positions listed.The order's where the controversy is likely to be.

Here's how Yasinskas sees it:

1. Defensive end
2. Wide Receiver
3. Running back
4. Offensive line
5. Linebacker

Given our secondary's continued struggles, I would definitely not list linebacker as a need above that. I also think that putting running back as the third priority is a bit much, even if Jerious Norwood and Jason Snelling are far from locks to return.

Personally, I'd go defensive end, followed by wide receiver, offensive line, secondary and linebacker. What would your list look like?