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Panthers Do Not Franchise Charles Johnson; Could Falcons Sign Him?

Now this is a potential free agent everybody can get behind.

The Carolina Panthers finally ended their delicious waffling on whether they'd use the franchise tag on Ryan Kalil, Charles Johnson or DeAngelo Williams, electing to use it on Kalil. That means the Falcons have some kind of shot at Johnson, assuming the Panthers don't quickly move to lock him up. 

Make no mistake, Johnson would be a great fit. A borderline elite pass rusher, having posted 11.5 sacks last year and 21.5 in four seasons, three spent as a part-time player. He's still only 25 would immediately prove to be an upgrade on Kroy Biermann, who is a fine player in his own right. If there's one player the Falcons ought to be chasing, it's this guy.

That said, it's going to take a fat contract to land him, and the Falcons may be leery of him being a one-year wonder. I think he's the real deal, however, and I hope the Falcons make a serious play for him. Assuming, of course, there's free agency at all.