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Fun Falcoholic Features

Let's face it, folks. This is the offseason, and we're going to be talking about one of just a few things for the next two months: the draft and free agency (which may not even happen. Also Panthers don't appear to be tagging DWilliams). Just saying.

So today I wanted to hash out some ideas I had for this fall and see if any of you had any ideas you wanted to share to make the season weekends a little more fun.

I've seen this on some of our sister sites, but perhaps something as simple as getting a group to pick every game every week would be fun. As far as the winner actually winning something, well, I'm a broke college student, so I might send you a picture of myself giving a high five pose and you'll just have to high five it. Or you could frame it so that when I become rich and famous, you can sell it for mad cash.

I'm not a betting man, so don't start bringing money into it, but I'm trying to come up with some ideas that might help make the season more enjoyable. It could be something anywhere from just picking the games to picking silly little prop bets throughout the week.

What do you think, Falcoholics? Would you be interested in starting a little weekly picking challenge where the overall winner for the season receives (something I haven't hashed out yet)? Would you be interested in a silly prop bet picking challenge instead?

Or do you have an idea for this fall that might be fun? Perhaps a Madden challenge of some sort? Let's hear your ideas here!

(Also, I haven't gotten Dave-Level Clearance for any of this yet so he'll probably just be like "Nope." and I'll disappear from the earth forever. Just kidding, Dave. :D )