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A Potential Atlanta Falcon Draft Pick: Titus Young

I'm basing this entirely on a Tweet from Scott Wright of Draft Countdown, so you may want to sprinkle a few additional grains of salt on this speculation. I do think Wright usually has his head on straight.

Obviously, the Falcons will be linked to wide receivers until Roger Goodell or the dignitary of the day calls out the team's pick on April 28. It's a logical fit on paper, with the Falcons lacking an explosive offensive identity and having a known average quantity in Michael Jenkins that they'd surely like to upgrade on someday. If you're looking to satisfy the explosive need, I can understand why you'd be interested in Titus Young of Boise State.

Young's got a good pedigree, for the most part. He's lightning fast and was extremely productive in his last two years at Boise State, when he twice posted seasons of over 1,000 yards. He's also a senior, which would endear him to Thomas Dimitroff. Concerns with his hands are probably overblown, as he's never been someone who was known to drop a lot of passes.

He's also a capable kick returner, something that's always in demand at the NFL level.

Concerns? Young isn't a big dude, which may lead some to fret that he'll be the second coming of Harry Douglas, with the same slow development curve and an inability to survive against bigger cornerbacks. His wheels might also be mitigated somewhat by the short routes the Falcons like to make use of, and Young has never shown an inclination to shake off tackles.

My gut says the Falcons won't end up picking up Young. If the team believes in Harry Douglas and Eric Weems, then they probably have a rough approximation of Young's value as both a receiver and a returner. Productive bigger guys like Leonard Hankerson of Miami—who we'll get to another day—would seem to better fit the mold of what the Falcons are looking for opposite Roddy White, and in my mind that's still the most glaring need in the receiving corps, and perhaps on the offense. It doesn't help that the Redskins have been heavily linked to Young.

It's an interesting idea, but with apologies to our own Caleb Rutherford, it's not among the most likely scenarios.