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Falcons Scout Honored As NFC's Best

The accolades just keep rolling in for the Falcons.

Bob Harrison was just honored as the NFC Scout of the year by the Fritz Pollard Alliance, a prestigious honor for a 14-year veteran of the Falcons. I don't know how integral Harrison was in the last few drafts, which have produced the stellar backbone of this current Falcons team, but I'm going to trust people who have a much greater grasp than I do in this case.

It highlights the organizational depth the team has managed to build everywhere, not just on the roster. Harrison's been around the block a minute and is only being recognized now due to the Falcons' success, but I'd argue this is a team that has done pretty well in the draft over his tenure. It speaks well to his ability that he was able to survive so many regime changes.

So congratulations, Bob Harrison. Now go help get the Falcons more quality players, please.