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Saturday Six Pack: Free Agency Speculation Edition 2/19/11

At least you're not having to turn to a myriad of these this weekend, I hope.
At least you're not having to turn to a myriad of these this weekend, I hope.

Here we are, right in the thick of free agency that has remained more or less quiet since the owners and players can't agree on, well, anything.

So, today, we're going to branch out and do a little potential Falcons free agency shuffle aka "Here's some links about the Falcons and players we might want and then there's that random funny thing."

Let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

Cat Scratch Reader: Our division rival bros over at CSR have unearthed this must-read article. This is a very interesting take from a source that seems to have insider information as to what's going to go down with the CBA. Also, the Cat bros revealed this little tidbit from Jason La Canfora about the Panthers not using the franchise tag on free agent DeAngelo Williams. DWilliams sure would be nice. Just saying!

SB Nation Atlanta: In a shocking upset, SBN ATL has ousted DOL and the AJC from the front page for this week. I've noticed that recently there have been a lot of "Hey Falcoholic bros, where do you all go to get hammered and scream and yell at the TV, etc. etc." Well, Holly Anderson has written this little gem, which is a collaboration of areas around Atlanta where people go to enjoy each other's company and drink and whatnot. If someone linked this before now, I apologize, but something like this is nice to have!

AJC: Never fear, DOL and the AJC are still here, it's just that they're buried in the endless depths of the jump. First, DOL asks, "Should the Falcons pursue Champ Bailey?" It'd be nice, but he's a granddad in NFL years now. Next, the Falcons' free agency plan is business as usual. It's nice to see that the team isn't getting into too much of a tizzy over the CBA's lifespan winding down.

National Football Post: Greg Gabriel over at NFP has written an interesting article here about a study he did pertaining to young RBs and WRs and the amount of impact they had on their respective teams as a rookie. He makes some very interesting points and if his study is correct, then we should definitely be looking WR in FA and RB in the draft. That would make the most sense to me, at least.

Bloomberg: In a touch of older news, the Jets have named their replacement for strength coach Sal Alosi. The replacement just so happens to be one of our guys. Seriously, our coaching staff is going to be picked dry before next season starts!

Random Funny: When your assault rifles and plasma grenades just aren't cutting it for you, turn to your local 2nd amendment store for a Dog-Action 5000! Only at a black market retailer near you!