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Falcons Re-Sign Trey Lewis, Sign Robbie Agnone

This is somewhat unexpected. If you were to give me a list of players with some association to the Falcons and ask me to pick one the Falcons signed to a contract extension and another they re-signed, I might've gone with Gartrell Johnson and J.J. Birden over this duo.

Trey Lewis's extension is extremely interesting for a couple of reasons. One, he's enormous, a big scary dude with the ability to crush the pocket by himself, when he's on the field. The second reason, directly related to his ability to stay on the field, is that Lewis has been injured a lot during his four seasons with the Falcons. Even when he's somewhat healthy, as in 2010, he's barely able to pick up any snaps. In fact, he was inactive 15 out of 16 games last year.

So what gives? As we've discussed at least seven million times on The Falcoholic, this is a team that values depth. Even if Lewis is the last guy on the depth chart at defensive tackle, he's an insurance policy with some upside at a position where you can never have enough warm bodies. The fact that he's talented enough to be more than that makes him a wise signing.

And Agnone? The Falcons like the cut of his jib, I suppose. I personally believe Marquez Branson is the better project, being younger and with more upside as a pass catcher, but Agnone is a solid enough sort and could very well end up on the practice squad one more time.

Quality signings, both.