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An Atlanta Falcons Discussion: The Fate Of Michael Jenkins

Few players on the Falcons are as polarizing as Michael Jenkins.

Some of you hate him. Some of you love like hold some sort of positive feelings toward him. The truth is somewhere in between the extremes of suckitude and excellence, as it so often is. Jenkins grades out as about an average #2 receiver, with dips above and below that depending on the season and, sometimes, the game. Reliable but not spectacular isn't just an apt description of Jenkins—it's also his motto.

Given that, it's understandable that many feel the Falcons could do better. I've said countless times over the last few seasons that I feel Jenkins would be most valuable out of the slot, where his second gear and height would make him a huge matchup problem for most opposing teams. But you've gotta have a better option to get him down there, and the Falcons just haven't come up with one.

Is this the off-season that Jenkins gets bumped down the depth chart by a rookie phenom? Or will he remain his reliable ol' self across the field from Roddy White entering his age 29 season?

I'm not giving you a phone, but make the call.