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Josh Freeman Is Quickly Becoming A Terrifying Opponent For Falcons

Checking in with the rest of the NFC South again. This time, bad news.

The Falcons dispatched the Buccaneers both times the two teams squared off in 2010. That, in combination with the Saints being the obnoxious Saints, made it easier to put the hate on layaway for Tampa Bay.

Unfortunately, the likelihood that the Bucs are going to disappear from the NFC South landscape are fading by the day. The linchpin of that recent success is quarterback Josh Freeman, and he's rapidly becoming the most frightening player on that team.

The recent news that Freeman is planning on getting his workouts started early with receivers even if there is a lockout should worry you. It's not that it's necessarily exceptional—somewhere in the history of the league, guys have gotten off their asses in March and started throwing—but it is a sign that he's committed to getting better.

Know why that should concern you? Freeman had a better passer rating (95.9) than Matt Ryan last year, tossing 25 touchdowns versus 6 interceptions while completing 61% of his passes. If he improves on those numbers after getting the timing down with his receivers, he's going to be unquestionably in the league's elite. That scares the shaz out of me.

Do you think Freeman will continue to improve along with the Bucs, or was this a one-year wonder for the 23-year-old?