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A Potential Falcon Free Agent: Malcom Floyd

After my last wide receiver offering proved unpopular, I went back to the drawing board. While most of these pieces have come it these potential signings from a very positive angle, I'm going to give you something a little flatter this time around.

This time around, I have an inkling the potential free agent will be more palatable to you, for reasons entirely unclear to me. It's San Diego Chargers receiver Malcom Floyd, he of the career 17.3 yards per reception and constant injury woes. Oh, and he's also a hulking behemoth.

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Getting mixed signals? That's because Floyd is, more or less, a walking mixed signal. He's got huge potential, but he's never fully realized it and he's now 29 years old. He's a huge target with wheels, but he's never started a full sixteen game season. He's known for having sticky hands, but he's never hauled in more than 45 passes in a season. And so on.

It's the classic case of physical tools outweighing production. Floyd is going to be in huge demand once he hits the free agent market, despite the Chargers wanting to re-sign him, because he's got the size and speed teams covet. At 29, he's still young enough to have a few good years left in him, but he's never really put it together. Teams that sign him to a big deal are still gambling a bit, despite Floyd being in the league for seven seasons.

I've seen the calls for Floyd dotting this blog over the past several months and I'm going to go on record as saying I believe it's a definite possibility. He's part Michael Jenkins, part Harry Douglas, and in that sense he'd be an excellent fit for the team. But I do fail to understand how he's a better option than James Jones, who has struggled with drops but has been much more productive  than Floyd and is younger. And that's in an offense that is every bit as pass-happy as the Packers, but without all the delicious receiving options. You kids and your Malcolm Floyd.

Discuss whether you think Floyd is a possibility.