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Atlanta Falcons Sports Bars: Where Do Birds Fans Power Up?


Atlanta Falcons fan, you like sports bars. You may live ITP or in the Eastern Hemisphere, but you like watching your squad play while crushing brews with like-minded Falcons fans. But let's be honest -- our team doesn't have the same kind of bandwagon winner-picker fairweather national fanbase as many other NFL teams do, so it can be hard to find Falcons bars in other towns.

Sometimes it's tough even in our own city with all our Steelers and Saints and college football bars, all of which I think actually strengthen Atlanta's claim as a fantastic sports town, but that's for another discussion.

SOLUTION: SB Nation is putting together an awesome project based around sports bars, which Atlanta will be a key piece of and that you can contribute to right now. Fill out this very quick, very easy form before you head to the comment section, and please share your favorite Falcons bar with the rest of us in both places.

Even if it's just Taco Mac, and especially if it's not located in Atlanta. I know we have international commenters -- any New York City Falcons fans?

By the way, most of our other team blogs have done this already, with the Braves list here, the Thrashers here, Georgia here, and Georgia Tech here. (On the subject of alcohol acquisition, The Falcoholic can break 100 comments, right?) And Holly Anderson put together a list of the five best Atlanta sports bars at SBN ATL here, which you can vote on.