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A Potential Falcon Free Agent: Eric Wright

You're probably familiar with the concept of buying low, and it's something NFL teams do frequently. A guy laid low by injuries or a year of crippling ineffectiveness will typically cost less, but it doesn't necessarily mean his potential to help his new team is diminished.

I firmly believe Eric Wright is a buy low candidate. After notching eight interceptions and 28 pass deflections during his first three years in the NFL, all with the Browns, Wright was benched midway through the 2010 season for being astoundingly incompetent. No one really seems to know why that happened, but the Browns seem likely to cut bait with the corner in the off-season.

Here's why Wright makes a lot of sense for the Falcons, in my opinion. At 25, he's still a young player, and three out of his four NFL seasons have been successful ones. He'll be put in a position where he's not a huge liability as a Falcon, likely playing in nickel and dime packages behind Dunta Robinson and Brent Grimes, and perhaps Chris Owens. Adding him allows the Falcons to jettison Brian Williams, who is an injury waiting to happen at this point, and gives Owens and Dominique Franks more development time.

If he hadn't just had a terrible season, Wright would never be cheap enough for the Falcons to make a run at. But he did and he's still got enough promise to make him worth a flier. I hope the Falcons take a shot at him.