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Saturday Six Pack: That V-Word Day Some Of Us Choose Not To Celebrate Edition 2/12/11

You'd think, by looking at the title, that I'd put something silly and/or ridiculous here because the title represents something silly and/or ridiculous: my social life. (Insert studio audience laughing loudly, since they know exactly how social my life is.)

But alas, this is but the Saturday Six Pack, where I deliver 5 pieces of Falcons related news plus a random funny picture and/or article that I hope you will all find amusing. I have a particularly great one picked for today that actually relates to something that happened this week. I'm sure you'll all enjoy it. With that said, let's get this Saturday Six Pack rockin'!

AJC: As always, DOL leads off the SSP with a pair of interesting articles. Here is DOL's first mock draft, which he'll be updating every week (and I'll likely be putting on the SSP every week.) in hopes that he'll correctly predict who we pick on draft day. This year, he has us taking DE Allen Bailey. I'm a bit iffy on taking a DE if only because there could be so many super talented ones that go before us, leaving us with an R2 caliber DE at 27. Ehhh..... Anywho, here is an article about some Tech and UGA players that are headed to the NFL combine. Justin Houston is a possibility for us if he puts up good numbers at the combine. DOL makes an interesting comparison to JA55 in the comments section as well.

SB Nation: I'm going to try to start hyping some of our sister (brother? other? I dunno.) football blogs on the SSP. I encourage you to visit them, but please keep it friendly. Everyone's in the offseason and we're all currently fans of losers except for the folks over at Acme Packing Company. Anywho, the crew over at Bleeding Green Nation raise an interesting article here about how the Eagles are the most used team in Madden '11. Care to guess why? That's right. It's because of former Falcons QB Michael Vick. The best part about that article is reading some of the comments about how the Falcons were hilariously broken back in '03/'04. Fun stuff.

Daytona Beach News Journal: Sean Kernan over at the DBNJ writes an article about a former Bethune-Cookman star who has made a name for himself on the Falcons. Bet you can't guess who that particular person is. This is a good read and, despite a slip up last year, I'm proud to say he's a Falcon. Also, in case you're in need of a big play fix, here is a link to the big play mentioned in the article, and let's just pretend the rest of the aforementioned game never happened.

Albany Herald: Here is an interesting article from (doesn't say who) at the Albany Herald. It's about our very own Coach Mike Smith speaking at the annual UGA coaching clinic at the end of March. If you're into that kind of thing and you're within a reasonable distance, you should check it out!

Niners Nation: I'm finding it incredibly difficult to find Falcons news during this offseason, so I'm going to re-hash the SB Nation hype and link you to this recent recap of the Falcons-49ers game in Week 4, which I had the fortunate pleasure of attending. I think it's cool to read about that game from their perspective, and I must say I laughed out loud at the poll he put on there. I can sympathize with them. It wasn't that long ago that we were in the dumps, too.

Random Funny: This image. I linked the non-F-word one. If I saw that coming at me, I'm pretty sure I'd just assume the world was ending.