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The Great Debate: What Do We Need Most?

In this series of posts, I seek to find the answer to questions that are brought up around here or around the various sports conversation sites. I use a realistic, low-stat opinion to generate discussion about these topics, but I also encourage the use of stats in an argument.

There are varying opinions as to what we need to pluck from April's upcoming draft. Sam Baker has been iffy at LT, John Abraham is turning into a grandpa at defensive end, and Turnelling is the equivalent of a Bentley instead of a Ferrari.

Though minor, we have various spots of need that all need to be addressed this offseason. That being said, if we could only address one of those needs in the offseason, which one would be the biggest upgrade? Let's have a little fun with it after the jump!

Our needs, in no particular order, look like this: DE, LT, RB (Speed), WR (Speed), DB (Nickel, unless we find someone amazing)

I believe we're set just about everywhere else. Our OL/DL weren't so bad that the ship needs to be overturned in either occasion.

I also honestly believe that our biggest upgrade potential lie at WR and DB. One thing Green Bay showed me in their Super Bowl run is that you can't be too deep in those areas because the league is turning into a pass happy league and we need to be able to keep up.

I mentioned this before in a post-Super Bowl comment that Jordy Nelson and James Jones were killing it in the Super Bowl with a very rare sprinkling of Greg Jennings. I think we need our offensive approach to be similar. We need talented WRs and we need them in droves. Jennings only had 4 catches in the Super Bowl, I believe, but they were 4 very important catches.

I'm not entirely sure why Jenkins doesn't get more involved. Perhaps, because of our lack of a receiver past Jenkins, he's not able to get open as well as he could. Who knows. I don't have access to game tape so I can't break it down further. The nice thing about attempting to get a passing attack like theirs is that we have a fantastic running attack going already, so we don't have to worry about that.

I think that using Jenkins in a manner similar to Nelson/Jones would do wonders for him if we could land a deep threat to draw attention away from him.

I think WR would be the biggest upgrade because it would be something we could use immediately and I think it would also help the defense by giving us a better point advantage, faster. It would also open up more 3rd down opportunities and would allow us to burn clock better than we already do.

I think WR is a bigger upgrade than DE because we already have Abe and Biermann/El Sid should be able to provide us with something, and we'll be hard pressed to draft a DB that'll be an upgrade over any of our starting DBs, or at least for this season.

What do you all think? I write these debate posts so that they make little sense and get you all riled up and in a mood to prove me wrong...Alright, I don't really do that, but I do believe you guys could sway me on this one. I think we're close to being where we want to be, but I believe a blazer WR would be the biggest upgrade in the land of upgrades.

So let's hear it, fellow Falcoholics. If you could upgrade only one position on the entire team, which one would it be and why? Have some fun with it. (For instance, one of you should choose Punter) I look forward to discussing this with you all!