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How Many Games Will The Falcons Win In 2011?

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Sound the alarms! It's a discussion post.

I imagine this will get mildly contentious given that the Falcons are sitting at 7-5 and have at least two tough games coming up. Some of you will say 7-9 for the Falcons' final record, while others will say 11-5. Probably more of the former than the latter right now.

I should probably share mine first. I've said 11-5 since before the season even started, factoring in a mild regression to the mean and the Saints taking the division based on a tiebreaker. Obviously, the offense has performed more inconsistently than I ever would have expected, but the Falcons will still be in the wheelhouse of that record if they don't completely collapse.

Given that I've long had the Saints' game penciled in as a loss, I don't think I can stick to my 11-5 prediction from before the season without looking like a damn fool. So I'll adjust it by one game and say the Falcons go 10-6, which may or may not be good enough to get them into the playoffs.

Share your own predictions in the comments, if you please.