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I AM Tony Gonzalez?!?! GONZO Addresses the Falcons' Inconsistent Play

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The Kingdom of Houston prevailed. And as dawn approached, Mattias cried his icey tears of defeat.
The Kingdom of Houston prevailed. And as dawn approached, Mattias cried his icey tears of defeat.

Thirsty Thursday discussion post this evening. Not sure if y'all saw this little gem. But - to say the least - it's worth perusing. Tony Gonzalez never fails to impress. Here's his honest appraisal of our offense:

Right now, we’re clicking sometimes and sometimes we’re not clicking. I think it’s probably the inconsistency [that] frustrates me. You’ll look at us on certain drives and it’s, ‘Wow ...'

Then we’ll come back and get a three-and-out series, which is inconsistent.

To be frank, I've wowed and then cried watching this team play. He nailed it. Absolutely nailed it. Being a Falcons fan would drive Pope Benedict to drink, or at least knock over and/or deface one of those ridiculously old statutes at the Vatican.

Tony G speaking out does raise an interesting question. In particular, why are we faulting Roddy if he's not the only one publicly addressing the team's faults? I personally didn't think Roddy's comments earlier this week were too off-base. The only ostensible difference between what Roddy said and what Tong G was saying during this interview is specificity. Tony G spoke in general terms, while Roddy got a little more specific. Maybe too specific. Plus they're the whole "giving up" proposition. But at the end of the day, while Roddy basically called himself out, arguing that the deep passes aren't working, Tony G did publicly fault the offensive line.

I don't mind what either party said. I think they're both fully in-bounds, mainly because of their positions as leaders on this team. They've earned the right to criticize, at least to some extent.

Still, I'm curious what y'all think. Was Tony G out-of-bounds here? Or were his comments somehow more justifiable than Roddy's? Why? Discuss!