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Tweets of the Game: ATL at HOU

I'm sure many of you have noticed my inconspicuous absence and for that I apologize. I'm going through the ardent process of becoming a homeowner. Tack on something else I plan to announce later and you've got one busy Adam. I haven't even gotten a chance to sit down and really watch a Falcons game for three weeks. Finally, Sunday, I got the chance.

I felt like I got trolled hard. The level of ineptitude on display shocked me beyond speechlessness. I simply could not fathom how a team with that much "weaponry" on offense could so utterly and completely fail at scoring. What were we, something like 3 of 15 for 3rd down conversions? Pitiful. I remember hearing at one point that Ryan was 15 for 37. Maybe that's exageration. I'm not sure. It was all hazy through a veil of rage. I stuck it out long enough to watch our biggest and riskiest draft pick in years let a tie-the-game ball bounce off his crotch. It's been that kind of season. Crotch-deflected passes kinda sums it all up. I'm saying this about a 7-5 record team that is somehow mercifully still in the playoff hunt. Unfathomable.

The tweets beyond the jump are as voracious as I've seen. One part elation, three parts confusion, and fifty billion parts frustration, these tweets may or may not be for the faint of heart. You've been warned.

Stiff upper lip and all of that.

Wow, I have nothing good to say. Jeannathomas

What in the $#@! is #Atlanta doing? Steve_ndfan

Going to say that maybe someone should cover Andre. mFalcons5

FOX just showed 0% of a play ruled on the field as a 90-yard touchdown. JasonKirkSBN

Are you $#@!ing kidding me!?!? AtlAmy55

Would love to see some pi calls actually called scar988

Get Matt a damn xanax! Peachyfuture

Well, at least Matt Bosher is punting well. That's...great...and...stuff. TheFalcoholic

The Falcons look completely and utterly clueless on offense. That's part Texans defense, part Mike Mularkey sniffing glue. TheFalcoholic

I don't understand why TJ Yates hasn't tasted turf today FalconsDiva28

Blind, murderous rage. Jeannathomas

lol Tony Gonzalez literally broke cushings ankle LOL APixels


Smith better chew some serious @$$ at halftime. This is inexcusable. DirtyBird4life

PREDATOR!!! Yates will remember that number. Or maybe not. FalconsJAdams

I don't even entirely know what's happening any more. TheFalcoholic

Atlanta needs to get their $#@! together L0rd91

ALRIGHT! Nice TD! DirtyBIrd4life

The Falcons may be a lot of things, but they certainly aren't quitters. Or Communists. TheFalcoholic

No have English now I fail no understand why happen this. TheFalcoholic

Julio Jones will not look back on today very fondly. TheFalcoholic

I am going to go fire up the PS3 and forget about this game. Talk with you all later skoob0211