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The Atlanta Falcons Have Thrown Sixteen Screen Passes All Season

Refer to title. They've all been thrown by Matt Ryan. That's the lowest number for any quarterback in the NFL who has started the entire season. Screen passes are one of the highest-percentage plays a team can possibly try for. Ryan has completed 14 out of 16 of them. The Falcons have bullish Jason Snelling and fast rookie Jacquizz Rodgers, both excellent options for screen passes.

Cam Newton and Drew Brees have each thrown 44 screen passes. Newton's 41 completed passes have gone for 355 yards, while Brees has completed 39 for 265. In other words, when teams use the screen works. As of mid-November, Ryan ranked among the worst quarterbacks in the NFL on the deep ball, thanks to a combination of errant accuracy and numerous drops.

If you need me, I'll be hugging my knees and gently weeping.