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Has James Sanders Taken Over For William Moore?

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The 2011 Falcons: Your source for Wally Pipping.

It appears that Sam Baker lost his job to Will Svitek, an opportunity spurred by an injury. Now William Moore, who took Erik Coleman's job after an injury last year, may have lost his job to James Sanders.

That's not official, of course. Officially, Moore is just hurt and still recovering. It's entirely possible that it's that simple, and I'm usually to loath to go against Occam's Razor. He's really struggled with injuries this season, after all.

Maybe it's not that simple, though. Moore's been active on game days for the last two weeks. Sanders has started over him and played well, nearly coming up with a touchdown versus the Texans and piling up ten tackles. The Falcons have said the same thing about Baker's injuries, and he's sat in favor of Svitek for three weeks running now. At some point, you're really stretching that injured tag to save guys' feelings.

I'll open it up for discussion at this point. Has Sanders taken the starting strong safety job? Will Moore get his job back before the end of the season?