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The Top Five Defensive Plays For The Falcons In Week 13

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In a week where there wasn't a lot worth celebrating, at least the defense did well. I'll get the streamers if you guys can get that damn cork off the champagne.

Without further ado, let's jump right into the plays. We could all use something to feel good about right now.

Ray Edwards Puts A Stop To Arian Foster

It was arguably the best run stop in a day that was full of them, at least early on.

On the Texan's first drive, they sent stud running back Arian Foster to the left guard in hopes of punching through the Falcons defensive line. Foster had just gone for three yards on first down and the Texans were looking to grind it out.

Ray Edwards put a quick halt to that, dropping Foster in the backfield for a three yard loss. Whatever his flaws as a pass rusher this year may be—I'm not denying he has them—Edwards is mad stout against the run.

Vance Walker And James Sanders Pull Off A Combo

The Texan's second drive brought them all the way to the Atlanta 15, and it seemed likely they would score. Then things sort of fell apart.

T.J. Yates took the snap on 3rd down and 8 and looked for an open receiver. A supposedly gimpy Vance Walker blew into the backfield basically untouched and slammed Yates to the ground, causing him to cough up a fumble that James Sanders scooped up and ran back 90 yards for a touchdown.

Well, sort of. Conflicting penalties ruined the touchdown, and it became clear after the fact that it was an incomplete pass, not a fumble. Nonetheless, those were two heads-up plays, to say the least.

Curtis Lofton Ruins T.J. Yates

It's fair to argue that Curtis Lofton was the best defensive player on the field on Sunday, and you could point to this play as an example.

On 2nd and 10 shortly before halftime, Lofton caught a rookie quarterback a little paralyzed by indecision and made him pay. Yates was sacked and lost eight yards on the play, and The Police made another successful collar.

John Abraham Finds A Fountain Of Youth

Abraham seems to put up big sack totals in even-numbered years and then drop off a cliff in the odd-numbered seasons. You can't judge the guy just by his sack numbers, of course, but this hasn't been a banner year for Abe.

So it was nice to see him put a hurting on Yates late in the game. It was classic Predator, and he wound up planting the rookie quarterback for a five yard loss.

Mike Peterson Picks A Pass

Mo Pete had the game of the day, in my honest opinion. It's too bad one dumb penalty nullified it.

The Texans might not have won if Peterson's play had counted. On their last scoring drive of the game, T.J. Yates stared down Arian Foster and was surprised when Mo Pete jumped the route and picked the pass. He proceeded to return it more than 30 yards for a touchdown, in a play that would have put the Falcons up by seven points.

Ah, what might have been. Even if the play was called back, it was still an amazing effort. Props to Peterson.

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