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Nightmare Half Ends With Falcons Down 10-3

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When you consider just how terrible the Atlanta Falcons were in this first half of football, it's a minor miracle they're only down by a touchdown.

Matt Ryan threw an ugly pick and whiffed on open receivers. Julio Jones and Roddy White ran bad routes and dropped passes. The Falcons struggled to stop T.J. Yates with a depleted secondary and middling pass rush. About the only thing working well was special teams, where Matt Bosher continues to be an absolutely beast.

The Falcons have to improve on offense considerably to have a chance of winning this game. There's no excuse for Julio and Roddy to be dropping passes like they are, and Julio is playing more like a sixth round rookie than a guy the Falcons traded the top halfs of two drafts to get. It's an immensely frustrating game so far, but there's plenty of time to turn it around.