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One Falcon To Watch: Dunta Robinson

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In a game between an 8-3 team and a 7-4 team, there's bound to be a few players worth watching.

For my money, it's Dunta Robinson for the Falcons, though. He'll have the unenviable task of covering Andre Johnson ahead of him, and he'll be in a prime position to either swat down, intercept or otherwise cause problems for the many passes of T.J. Yates. For all those reasons, you should be seeing a lot of him.

But wait, there's more! The absence of Brent Grimes and Kelvin Hayden makes Dunta even more crucial, because he's easily the best and most experienced cornerback on the field. The Texans are going to run a lot, sure, and that makes guys like Sean Weatherspoon invaluable. But Robinson will be in on the run game too and he'll be carrying a heavy burden when Houston takes to the air.

So keep a close eye on Dunta. Who's your player to watch?