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Who Do You Want The Falcons To Face In The Playoffs?

If the stars all aligned and you were able to click your ruby slippers together and get your wish, who would the Falcons play in the first round of the playoffs?

Your choices are likely to be as follows: The hated Saints, the Giants or Cowboys and possibly the 49ers, if the Rams pull off a miracle win and the Saints get past Cam Newton and the Panthers. The most likely outcome is either the Saints or the Giants/Cowboys, and the Falcons will need a win and a little luck to get to the fifth seed.

I know I'm supposed to root for the rivalry and all that, but I really want the Falcons to play an NFC East team first. Both the Cowboys and Giants have gaping flaws—the Giants are inconsistent and prone to mistakes, the Cowboys have a magically disappearing defense—and the Saints are en fuego. I'll take the matchup that gives the Falcons the best chance to win.

What say you?