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Good Offensive Line Play + Injured Grimes = ?

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Quick discussion post for y'all. We've talked a lot this week about needing to get pressure on Yates early and often.

Consider the following:

(1) Houston's adjusted sack rate is 3.7 percent, the lowest in the league.

(2) They've only given up 16 sacks all year, or approximately 1.45 a game.

(3) Houston's running game is essentially mediocre. Admittedly, they get a lot of second-level yards, but their backs struggle in the open field and they've been stuffed at a decent clip. Don't get me wrong, Arian Foster is a beast, but our run defense is the second-most efficient in the league.

(4) Yates has only attempted 15 passes in the NFL, and he only completed 8 of them. All those passes came against Jacksonville. Jacksonville's defense is fairly stout - their defensive DVOA is the league's second-best - but the Texans were already ahead. Simply stated, he's never faced adversity.

(5) Andre Johnson is playing with an injured hammy. And - for the record - by "injured hammy" I'm not referring to Houston's Mike Bristel (RG), who is nursing an ankle injury. Good luck with that Bristel, the USS Babs doesn't take prisoners.

I'm not worried. If you are, then go take a walk, count to ten, balance your checkbook. Because it's time to come back to Earth. We got this.