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Saturday Six Pack: Road Test Edition 12/3/11

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Better stock up on these. I have a feeling this game will be difficult. :(
Better stock up on these. I have a feeling this game will be difficult. :(

Here we are, ladies and gents: a tough road test down in Houston awaits us on Sunday. Let's not mince words. Let's do this!

AJC: Three quick reads for you all from the ever-reliable AJC. First El Sid is turning some heads! Good for him, he deserves the praise. He's been stout this year. Next, the Falcons D is top 10! Well, it's top 10 by poor man's rankings. It may or may not be top 10 by Super Secret Math Technique Defense Rating Statistic:

if team=ATL then

dRank=32 else if

team!=ATL then


end if

There. I've figured it out.

Lastly, a Q&A with D.Franks! Hooray D.Franks!

Kotaku: I post this here so that everyone will read it. As it stands, Roddy White has a chance to be on the new NFL Blitz game's cover! Everyone watch the video game awards next weekend and vote for Roddy. This does not = Madden Curse. Blitz is actually a fun game. Har har har!

...and upon further review, the NFL has told EA Sports to take late hits out of the game because it goes against what the NFL stands for, even though those were the things that made NFL Blitz. Seriously, leg dropping someone after the play was so fun.

...because we clearly can't tell the difference between a video game and reality. Can anyone here not tell the difference between NFL Blitz and real football? Are there really that many dumb people in this country that can't tell the difference?

I'm mad. I hate America. (Not really. Well, kinda.)

myFox Houston: Some people in Houston are reporting that you need to get to the game early due to extra security screening (because people like Kashberry are going to the game.) I kid, I kid. Part of the NFL's effort to increase security around the league. Worth checking out if you plan on going to any games this year.

USA Today: A little happy message from the USA Today about the Falcons' continued upward trend in spite of playing possum with our hearts, or something silly. I was amused at the Tony G quote in there. Check it out!

Fox Sports: John Lynch writes that we need to stop the run! Yeah, that's true. It is cool to read it from his perspective as a former player, though. I've always liked that. I'm sure a lot of other people like that, which is going to make getting into the football industry hard. I have one year of football experience. :'(

Random Funny: Dumb People. Hooray!