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Atlanta Falcons Week 13 Friday Injury Report

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Just a quick, very late post for tonight. I was unfortunately involved in a car accident earlier tonight that took away any chance of getting this done on time. And yes, I am okay.

The bad news is that the Falcons are almost certain to be without both Kelvin Hayden and Stephen Nicholas, who are both doubtful, and Brent Grimes is already out. There's no way to put a jacket made of lemon drops on this one: It's going to hurt the defense. Mike Peterson can hold up fine outside for one game—particularly a game where the Texans will be running like crazy—but missing two cornerbacks is inevitably going to hurt the Falcons. Even if it's just a bruise.

The rest of the injury report is about what you'd expect. Vance Walker is questionable a true wildcard for this game, but the Falcons can survive his absence. Michael Turner and Julio Jones are questionable, as well, but the Falcons will be needing both and they're virtually guaranteed to play in one of the biggest games of the year.