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This Is Our Playoff Team, Everybody! Fear The Almighty Falcons!

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First and foremost, if I see another word about Brees and the Saints not caring about records and being the 'good guys', we can take this outside.

That entire game was a joke. Did anyone know there was a football game tonight? Oh we did? We were winning at one point? Oh, that's funny.

After the jump, my progressively deteriorating mentality as the game progressed. I'll go ahead and warn you. This isn't the most friendly post I've ever written. You've been warned.

"Hai guise, we dun curr bout recurds and such. We's duh gewd guise. Dey's duh bahd guise!"

I knew as soon as the Saints got the ball on our 33, they would pass, pass, pass.

What did they do? Pass, pass, pass.

Just enough to get Brees the record by 2 yards, or something like that. Just comical. Precisely the reason why I hate trash talk between fans, because all we're going to hear about all week is crap that, quite frankly, I don't want to hear.

But God forbid our Falcons do something about it! No, not our team! Nah, our team would never, ever not let a record fall in an important game, or not care about winning a divisional game, or just flat out not care about winning! Not our team. Ohhhhhh no.

I imagine my imaginary next door neighbors (who live like a county and a half from me) had this conversation:

"Ohhhh no. No sir, not the Falcons. The Falcons wuz affected by some.....voodoo, or bewitchment, or something. That team never wins big games. You seen them last year against the Packers?"

"GUFFAW GUFFAW GUFFAW! You mean dem dere same Falcons that wuz embare-assed in thurr own howse by'?"

"Haaaaale yuh, Jerome. Dat wuz duh worse game I ever did see!"

"Den dey pulled duh same shenanigans again tonight against wuz dey called again, Jimbo?"

"Duh Stains, Jerome, duh Stains. Yuh horse arse."

"GUFFAW! Dem dere birds losed to a stain! Like duh ones on dem dere pants, Jimbo!"

YES, that is what my brain has been reduced to, and that is about what the football game said to me this evening.

I was asking all kinds of questions during this one. Just miserable.

First off, all four of the Saints rushers averaged more YPC than Turner, which includes Brees's one run of 9 yards.

We had one rushing first down. ONE. ONE! We had 7 QB hits allowed, though only one TFL allowed. I guess that's okay. Wait, it's not.

Oh, and Quizz/Snelling received zero carries until it didn't matter. That's as infuriating as it gets for me. Meanwhile, the other team (whose #1 RB is out) spread the ball out to all three of their RBs, who rushed with ease since they were playing the Falcons (anyone who thinks that type of thinking is wrong at this point hasn't been watching this season, or last season, or the one before that, or every damned season since 1966.)

Matty had a pretty good game statistically. He could've gone for 400, but was pulled from the game wisely by Smitty, who doesn't care about personal records, unlike some QBs and teams.

He also spread the ball around relatively well. The Saints actually did not do nearly as much of that, but they still won. Go figure. Rodgers spreads the ball around like a champion and he wins. Go figure #2.

They say it's never as good/bad as it seems, but at this point in the season, I don't think that game was the worst the Falcons have to offer. I'm not saying a worse performance will happen after this point, but I do think there could be a lower point than we're at right now, so yes, it's as bad as it seems.

Just hilarious that we made the playoffs this week. Did everyone go get drunk yesterday? Also LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL at the Falcons having 10 days to prepare for this game. I bet we would've seen a better performance if we'd given them 10 minutes of preparation time. Just LOL. The extra time is supposed to help. I bet they would've scored 70 on us had we had a normal week.

Yeah, we're in the playoffs, but I'm pretty sure any momentum we had is gone now. And yeah, you can't win if you're not in the dance, but I'm not optimistic that we can beat anyone right now. If we can somehow get the #5 seed next week, we might see Matty's first playoff win (and that's a big maybe after this inspiring performance), but past that, I don't see much hope.

This team is in need of some major changes. Both coordinators need to go, as does the OL coach (Great guy, but it's time for a change). Our "good" defense has laughed at statisticians again.

I feel like the O has the pieces to be very good, except we use Turner in the single worst way possible. He actually had several receptions tonight, which is a positive, but it's like we don't trust anyone else. Quizz had no carries throughout the game (finished with a measly 1 for nothing), but he had the same catches/yards as Sproles, so that's at least something, I guess.

Try actually giving the other RBs a shot. Believe it or not, one RB doesn't have to run the whole game. It's so sorry and predictable, I guarantee I personally could call a better game.

I'm almost tempted to say this team is "worse" than any other regime because now that we actually expect wins from this team, they still wither in the spotlight, just like all these other times, whereas before, we weren't expecting much, and in turn, weren't disappointed.

I'm pretty disappointed in this team. No, disappointed is the wrong word. I've had hope for this team all year, but now I feel like we're just going to be another one-and-done in the playoffs again.

I've come to expect better and all they've shown me is that they can't handle it.

Thanks, Falcons.