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Atlanta Falcons-New Orleans Saints Open Thread

The game you've waited for all season is here.

The NFC South is at stake here, even if a playoff spot is not. It's not unreasonable to think that the Saints could be beaten by the Falcons and Panthers these next two weeks, even if it's a bit unlikely. The Falcons also want to prove they can beat a legitimate title contender heading into the post-season, where one loss gets you bounced and inconsistent football gets your embarrassed on national television.

The Falcons will have to slow down Drew Brees, bring some real firepower to the Super Dome and avoid mistakes if they're going to head home with a win. I look forward to watching them try.

As always, use this as your all-purpose discussion thread for the game. I'll sweep in and add another thread for the second half and more after that as needed. Enjoy the game, everyone.