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One Falcon To Watch: Matt Ryan

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I actually think the Falcons are going to pass heavily against the Saints, so Matt Ryan is the obvious choice.

The Saints are capable of bringing a little bit of pressure. They're capable of occasionally covering a wide receiver, but for the most part the secondary can be picked apart like carrion. With a nice stretch late in the season, Ryan's shown himself capable of preying upon poor cornerbacks, especially when Julio Jones and Roddy White are running good routes and not letting passes drop to the ground.

The ground game should be a factor with Turner ready to play and Jacquizz Rodgers coming on, but again, the Falcons are going to have numerous opportunities to get it done through the air and are likely to take any they can get. I'd fully expect Ryan to have 35-40 passing attempts in this game. If he's on point, the Falcons stand an excellent chance of winning. All it takes are a couple of long bombs to break the back of this defense.

So Ryan's my pick. Who's yours?