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Best Falcons-Related Christmas Present Ever?!

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You're not Santa. You smell like beef and cheese.
You're not Santa. You smell like beef and cheese.

Quick discussion post this evening. Not sure about y'all, but when I was a kid, I never pined for a red rider BB gun or a shiny flamingo-colored train set. No sir. I wanted Falcons gear. Sweatshirts, unis, autographs, limited-edition wristbands, it didn't really matter. From my unique, slightly-deranged perspective, nothing else mattered.

My favorite Falcons-related Christmas present ever? The prized #2 uni my padre gave me last year. I've rocked it during every game this year, and if my apartment ever caught on fire, it'd be one of three items I'd grab on my way out. In case you're wondering, the other two would be my iPhone 4s and my four-year-old terrier mix. His name is Baxter. He eats entire cheese wheels and speaks Spanish.

Now it's your turn. Assuming you're around today - and not devouring fried turkey products - talk about your favorite Falcons-related gift. If you've never received a Falcons-related Christmas gift, then I feel sorry for you. But feel free to comment about your favorite piece of Falcons gear et cetera.