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NFL Late Games Open Thread

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Well, that went reasonably well.

The Falcons really needed the Bears and Giants to drop their games and help the team out in the wildcard race. Thankfully, both lost. The Giants crumpled against the Redskins and the Bears got destroyed by the Seahawks. Both teams are now 7-7 and will be of no concern to the Falcons as long as they can take care of business the rest of the way.

The game that matters now is the one the Lions are involved in. If the Falcons are going to make it, they might as well have the best seed possible, especially because they're likely to match up against the champion of the wobbly NFC East if they can get the fifth seed. Detroit losing to Oakland would put them a game behind the Falcons, not to mention that Atlanta already beat them once this season.

You can also root against Tim Tebow, if you're so inclined.

Follow along with all the late game action here. We'll be back to Falcons-related programming tomorrow morning.