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NFL Early Games Open Thread

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There's a handful of games that matter to Falcons fans.

First up is the New Orleans Saints versus the Minnesota Vikings. There's little reason to believe the Vikings can actually win this game, but every reason in the world to root for them. The Saints are awfully close to locking up the division, and the Falcons' best shot is to hope they suddenly implode and they get a win in the Superdome. The Vikings taking one today would get them one step closer to that dream.

Seattle can basically destroy Chicago's playoff hopes by beating them today. The Redskins can help us out by knocking the Giants down a peg. With the Falcons having a game against the hapless Buccaneers in Week 17, chances are good that bringing both those teams to seven losses on the season would put the Falcons in the playoffs.

So root for the right teams today. I'll be popping in and out of the thread.