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Will The Falcons' Long Layoff Help Or Hurt?

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Just a discussion post for the evening, while we bask in the sweet glow of the Jaguars game.

For those who were not aware—perhaps you can't see the smoke signals from behind your densely forested hillock—the Falcons don't play again until the Monday after Christmas. That's a long layoff, to say the least.

There's advantages to that layoff, such as:

  • Brent Grimes and Kelvin Hayden will return. The Falcons will suddenly be insanely deep at cornerback with Chris Owens and Dominique Franks growing into their roles over the last couple of weeks.
  • Banged-up players like Will Svitek and the linebackers will have a chance to heal and come back full strength.
  • The Falcons simply have more time to prepare for the saints than the Saints to do to prepare for them. Even if the players aren't practicing until Tuesday, the coaching staff will be working hard.

There are at least one disadvantage to that layoff, which is:

  • I'm not necessarily a big believer in momentum, but the Falcons haz it. They've been rolling for six quarters now and look incredibly fired up. You kind of have to work to re-capture that after 10 days off, and emotions ebb.

Ultimately, do you think the layoff will be a good thing for the Falcons, or will it slow their roll? Sound off!