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Atlanta Falcons Week 15 Gameday Injury Report

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We're just about there.

The Falcons are healthier than they have been in a few weeks, with Brent Grimes and Kelvin Hayden actually doubtful instead of just out. Chances are that neither will play against the Jaguars, but still: Progress! It's also enormously helpful that the Jaguars have only Blaine Gabbert and one of the league's weakest receiving corps to go against the banged-up Falcons secondary.

There are three questionable players. Will Svitek is not a lock to play for the second straight week, but if he's even remotely capable of tying his cleats, he'll be out there at left tackle in front of Sam Baker.

Jonathan Babineaux is also questionable. The Falcons could really use him up the middle in a game where Maurice Jones-Drew is bound to be a factor, so chances are good he'll play. The Falcons may rotate in Peria Jerry more often, but I still expect the big guy to start.

Last but not least, Stephen Nicholas is still questionable. Given Mike Peterson's terrific performance the last couple of weeks and his stoutness against the run, it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world if the Falcons chose to get Nicholas fully healthy for a tough game against the Saints some eleven days from now.

So that's the list. What say you?