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One Falcon To Watch: Matt Ryan

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This should be an interesting game for Matt Ryan.

The Falcons' quarterback has had his most polarizing season to date, as he's on pace to throw more interceptions than ever before and struggling through some nightmare games aided by an inept offensive line. But his average yards per pass is higher than a year ago, and he's on pace to break his single season touchdown record, as well.

It's not particularly surprising that asking fifty people about Ryan will produce twenty who think he's elite, twenty five who think he's good but not great and five who think he shouldn't even be the starting quarterback. It's been that kind of year and that kind of career, I suppose.

But Ryan has had a good year, in my estimation, and last week was one of the best games of his career. He's coming into this game red hot, with all his options in the passing game healthy and against an underrated Jaguars secondary that is nonetheless very young. The Jags are stout up front, so at some point this one will be in Ice's hands.

I think he'll rise to the occasion, and that's why he's my Falcon to watch. With Julio Jones and Roddy White having quality matchups, he should be able to find an open man. That's not even counting Tony Gonzalez and Harry Douglas, and it's not accounting for Jacquizz Rodgers. With those weapons at his disposal and a growing comfort level with using them, this is a fine time for Ryan.

I fully expect him to make winning throws against the Jaguars. Do you agree?