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Tuesday Injury Report: Earlier Than Usual

Holy smokes, this list is long AND ugly. Injury reports come out early this week because we're playing on Thursday.

We're pretty banged up, but a lot of teams are at this time of year. I won't elaborate much on it but I'll give you the list and some highlights after the jump.

First, the injury report.

As you can see, the list is long and ugly. However, because it is Tuesday, I have a feeling this injury report actually isn't too far from what happens during a normal practice week. Normally, we don't have to report injuries until Wednesday, and even then guys like McClure, Abe, and Gonzo aren't practicing, so it should make sense that Monday and Tuesday, those guys wouldn't practice. It would also make sense that guys that are slightly banged up like Turner wouldn't practice early on in the week, but since this is a short week, it has to be reported. That's just a guess, but it'd make sense to me if that were the case.

That being said, the list is ugly. We had a ton of non-participants today.

The three resident old men didn't practice, but Clabo also didn't practice for a non-injury reason.

Turner, Svitek, and HD all have groin injuries, which can't possibly feel good. They haven't practiced at all this week. Whether that's due to them being really, really hurt or whether these are normally rest days for the injured, I can't say.

Grimes (Knee) and Hayden (Toe - Turf toe, I believe) haven't practiced this week, and to be honest, I'd let them sit out this game. I know Smitty wants two of his best three corners out on the field, but I don't think Gabbert is going to beat us through the air. Let Owens and Franks gets some reps, and maybe Walls too. Franks looked good against the Panthers, so hopefully he'll get some more looks this week.

Julio (B)ack) and Nicks (Quad) practiced on a limited basis. I'd let Nicks sit another game. Mo Pete has played well and we need everyone healthy for the MNF game against the Saints.

Babs was limited in practice with an ankle injury. I don't want to sound like I'm insulting the Jags here since they just put 40 on the Bucs, but I think we can play without Babs this week too if it'll help him be healthy for NO.

Bryant's fine, from the looks of it, as is Edwards and Owens.

Hopefully they'll all be ready to go on Thursday, but let's not take any chances this week. Even if we have an extra half week to get healthy for the Saints, lingering injuries can still linger.

There's your injury report. Woo!