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Of The Falcons And Overcoming The 75 Cent Syndrome

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A discussion post, if you'll indulge me.

The Falcons have what I like to call 75 cent syndrome this season. It's an illness that affected LeBron James, with his habit of disappearing in the fourth quarter. The Falcons are a little less predictable, but they are afflicted by the inability to play a complete game of football.

In the second quarter on Sunday, the Falcons were outscored 16-0. They were brutally, brutally bad. The remaining three quarters saw the Falcons outscore the Panthers by the score of 31-7. It's been the same old story all year, though admittedly it's been the third quarter more often than not.

My question to you is: Why? Why can't the Falcons play four quarters of stellar football? Is it conditioning, an unfocused set of minds or just the vagaries of the Football Gods?

Let's get a rip-roaring discussion going, everyone. It'll do us good before we dive headfirst into the Jaguars game.