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Falcons-Panthers Second Half Open Thread

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This is a football team that either doesn't care or isn't good enough to look like they do.

The Falcons are down 23-7 and have shown no signs of life aside from a couple of nice sacks and one quality offensive drive. The line is an embarrassment, the beat-up secondary is letting Cam Newton operate at will and there seems to be no willingness to adjust. As Bronn pointed out, the Falcons did attempt a screen, but even that was lazily conceived and horribly executed.

If they don't come roaring back in the second half, it's probably going to be the end of their playoff hopes, barring a miraculous transformation in the last three weeks of the season. These Falcons are too inconsistent, too predictable and too plain awful for long stretches to suddenly become something else.

One thing I don't want to hear: This "let's just root for every other team to beat us" crap. Or this "I'm rooting for another team" crap. You're not getting a better draft pick, you're not showing anybody anything and it's frankly embarrassing for fans of a 7-6 team, however frustrating it might be, to abandon ship like that. Period.