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Wednesday Falcons Injury Report: Six Down For Now

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If you were to make a list of worries for the Saints game, perhaps on some fancy paper with a letterhead, I'm betting your list would start with Drew Brees.

Second on that list might be that six Falcons are currently not practicing for the big game this Sunday.

Obviously it's only Wednesday, and this list could dwindle to zero by the time the Friday report rolls around. At the moment, though, it's difficult not to be nervous about a list of injured Falcons in arguably the biggest game of the year thus far.

Here's the six and some brief thoughts:

  • DE John Abraham. Missing for reasons that aren't related to injury. Not entirely sure what's going on there, but hopefully he'll be set by the weekend.
  • OT Sam Baker. He's not going to play. Will Svitek has turned in solid performances in back-to-back weeks, and he'll remain the starter.
  • DE Ray Edwards. Keep a close eye on Edwards, who's dealing with a knee injury. The Falcons will be in trouble if both Abe and Edwards miss the game.
  • TE Tony Gonzalez. Dealing with a back injury, Gonzo will undoubtedly push hard to play. Hopefully he's just resting at the moment.
  • C Todd McClure. No idea what's going on here. He's listed as missing practice for non-injury related reasons, so hopefully he, like Abe, will be ready to go come Sunday.
  • S William Moore. Moore was removed from the Colts game with a quad injury. He'll likely be slapped with the dreaded questionable tag. If he can't go, James Sanders will prove his versatility once more and start in his place.