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If We Get Into a Shootout, Can We Hang With The Saints?

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School rages on for me, so this'll be a relatively brief discussion post. I can't wait until school slows down so I can elaborate further on some things. But, in the meantime, a question for you all.

If the Saints come marching in on Sunday and our D just can't seem to stop them, will our offense be able to keep up with them? We still thrive on the methodical, precision type drives and, as much as we loved the Julio Show on Sunday, we can't rely on explosive plays like Julio's to happen every week.

I don't think the Saints D is particularly good, from what I understand. Probably somewhere in the neighborhood of ours, though their offense probably masks some of their defensive struggles as well.

So I leave this all out there for you this evening. Do you think we're equipped to hang with the Saints in a shootout? Do you think that, even if we don't have the necessary weapons for a shootout, we could still hang a good amount of points on the Saints' D? Why or why not?

I'll be checking here periodically. I look forward to seeing what you all have to say!