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Mini Couple Power Play Of The Week: Julio Jones Makes A Catch

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 Let's just declare this Julio Jones day at The Falcoholic and move on.

Jones had a beautiful 80 yard touchdown catch in this one, so you might think that was the logical choice. In many ways, it was. Jones caught a well-placed pass from Ryan on a slant route and took it to the house, leaving a trail of broken cornerbacks and hearts in his wake.

In reality, it was his earlier 50 yard touchdown catch that tickled our collective fancy the most. Or mine, at least. With 3:01 left in the first quarter, Ryan took a shotgun snap near midfield and began scanning the field. He found Julio Jones running ahead of his man, his legs working like something out of a cartoon, and decided he was the ballsiest quarterback on the field. Within two seconds, his heave was working its way toward Jones.

Let's get this out of the way: It wasn't a great throw. It was a bit of a gamble and the Colts defensive back was remarkably close to getting a hand on it. Jones himself was nearly triple-covered. But the catch!

Watch the clip and you'll see truly amazing instincts at work. Jones finds the ball in the air, knows he has a guy on either side of him and cuts toward the end zone between both of them. He judges where the ball is going to come down, practically at the goal line, and kind of awkwardly goes to the ground to get it.

It was an incredible catch. He had to lay out to get it, for one thing, and he managed to get it into his arms only a couple inches above the ground. When the play ended, you had three astonished Colts defensive backs and Jones with the first touchdown catch of his young career, albeit one that was initially declared no catch. I doubt he'll be forgetting it any time soon.

So that's the play of the game, and perhaps even the play of the season thus far. Do you agree?