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Well Hello Julio: ATL at IND

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Well then.

The Falcons needed to beat the Colts and they did, not bothering to even allow hapless Indy an offensive touchdown. It wasn't perfect but it also wasn't a disaster. Many fans I spoke to felt this game was a trap seeing as the Colts, by sheer desperation alone, would play at a much higher level than the Falcons expected. While it turned out to be completely false, this worry was a valid one. The Colts' chances of ending the season unvictorious get astronomically lower with each passing week, meaning that eventually, they will beat someone. Thanks to a rookie's coming out party and one fired up piece of silverware, we didn't end up being that someone.

The Good

Julio. He did three of the things I said he was good at: coming back to the ball, catching in traffic, and "one juke and a could of dust." He's going to do magical things with this team. 

Ryan looked serviceable. He wasn't great (don't count the 1 yard pick six against him. It was A) a bad play call and B) Roddy's fault. Roddy let the CB get between him and the ball on a spot-thrown pass. big no no) but he wasn't bad and, at least for a couple of passes, looked phenomenal. He's still got a bit of a feet problem in the pocket considering the OL play  has been much improved.

Will Svitek might just be the better option. He was certainly on his back less than Baker the past two games. Let's see how next week plays out, though.

Hawley looked great at guard. Again, the real test is next week.

Quizz Rodgers. The man needs more carries. He's five foot X and has similar power to Turner to go along with his low center of gravity and impossible-to-gauge strike zone (wait, wrong sport). He's flashy, doesn't go down easily, and plays with more heart than a Cardiologist.

I'm not quite sure what Spoon calls his "invisible spoon shovel" tackle celebration but with all the hits he's making he's going to be feeding himself a lot of air. He's loud, proud, and all over the field. Night and day compared to last year. He's definitely caught up with the speed of the game.

The defense. Anytime you prevent an offense from scoring, no matter the caliber of the opponent, it's a good day. Kudos to everyone.

Bosher. Any game I don't scream his name in conjunction with an expletive reveals his continued improvement.

The Bad

Michael Turner could not produce well against the worst rush defense in the league. Not sure what that says but... nope. Don't like it.

I know Karma is an itchy B, but I really think we shouldn't have taken our feet off the accelerator after the half. It looked like we experimented a bit out there in the third quarter, likely due to the Saints coming to town next week. I guess I just wanted to see a bloodbath and only got a bloodletting.

The Ugly

Have to go with the Colts on this one. Jeez, I think some college teams could beat those guys.