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Samsung Game Ball Of The Week: Julio Jones

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What do you get when you combine one part awesome and two parts amazing? Julio Jones, of course.

It's difficult to give the game ball to anybody else, even if there were other worthy choices. On three catches, Julio Jones cashed in for 131 yards and two touchdowns. It was a breakout game for Jones, who was making his return from injury, and it was one of the crazier performances from a Falcons wide receiver in recent memory. I'm giving him the first of what I hope is many game balls.

I can't let this pass without an honorable mention for Sean Weatherspoon, who may well be heading for a Pro Bowl berth in his second season. In one memorable series in the third quarter, 'Spoon swatted down a pair of passes and made a ferocious tackle short of a first down, basically becoming a one man stop and forcing the Colts to punt. He's been everything the Falcons hoped for when they drafted him last season.

So a lot to celebrate, and a game ball for Julio. What say you?