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One Falcon To Watch: Will Svitek

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It's tough to keep a close eye on offensive linemen, so I try to limit the number of times I suggest focusing your eyes on one. This week, though, it's gotta be Will Svitek.

Falcons fans are torn in regards to Svitek. Some, like me, believe that the backup offensive tackle who will be starting for Sam Baker over the next month is not an upgrade. For those of us who think that way, simply seeing Svitek hold his own and protect Matt Ryan is a priority, especially against a talented defensive end like Dwight Freeney.

For the other set, Svitek represents a potential upgrade on Baker, and possibly a threat to his starting job. For those folks, this is a potential audition for a guy the Falcons could bring back to start at left tackle a year from now. If he can avoid penalties and hold back Freeney, perhaps he'll be on his way.

No matter which side you fall on, the Falcons need Svitek to do well. For that reason alone, you'll want to keep your eyes on him.

Who's your nomination for a Falcon to watch?