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Saturday Two-Pack: Gratefulness Edition 11/5/11

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What? 4 of them are missing? I blame Kash
What? 4 of them are missing? I blame Kash

This will be short and sweet because, well, it will be.

Two things for you all today. First, the Falcons are whooping UGA and Tech in TV ratings. That's actually really interesting. The worst Falcons game was on par with UGA v. UF, which is one of the biggest college games every year. I thought it was cool. The Falcons are really catching on around the ATL.

Second, a quick personal story for you all. Dave has shown his appreciation to you guys, but I wanted to take it a little farther. I'm in a Sports Management class, where I study all kinds of things related to sports, such as marketing, financing, management positions, etc.

Part of the class is to subscribe to Sports Business Journal, which is essentially a weekly magazine talking about the business aspect of sports. The magazine recently talked about independent sports blogs and sports blogs as a whole. SB Nation, the mother site of this blog, was the 13th most visited site of all the sports sites for the month of August, which includes Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, CBS, etc.

Here's a link. You may not be able to read it because I believe it's subscriber only, but there it is.

Why is this relevant to anything? In the past year, SB Nation's visitors have increased by 68%, compared to only 14% for Bleacher Report and 26% for Big Lead Sports, the other independent sports site.

The continued growth of this site would not be possible without you guys, our readers/fellow fans, and I personally would like to send out my heartfelt gratitude to all of you, even if we don't always get along. Keep spreading the word around so we can keep growing as a family. And we'll do what we can here to keep the awesomeness flowing on this site. Thanks guys!