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Falcons: Brent Grimes To Undergo Surgery, Miss A Few Weeks

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That's straight from the horse's mouth, as the Falcons' official Twitter account is reporting that Brent Grimes will undergo minor knee surgery and miss time.

Mike Smith did not specify how long the Falcons would be missing Grimes, who is arguably the team's best cornerback and also arguably one of the best in the NFL. He just said a "few" weeks, which likely means anywhere from three-to-six. The former would be unpalatable but doable, while the latter could mean Optimus would miss a playoff game. That's a terrifying thought.

Without Grimes, the Falcons will have Dunta Robinson at the top and a lot of uncertainty behind him. Kelvin Hayden is struggling with his own injury issues, which thrusts Chris Owens and Dominique Franks into the spotlight. Both had their struggles in coverage against the Vikings, and the shortage of corners is serious enough that the Falcons appear to be ready to make athletic rookie Darrin Walls a game-day active.

The Falcons are blessed to be squaring off against a third-string quarterback in Houston this week and drawing games against teams like the Jaguars, but if Grimes isn't back for the tilt against the Saints that game could get very, very ugly.

My best guess is that you'll see Owens outside opposite Robinson, where I think he's arguably the better fit than inside, and Hayden and Franks will split snaps inside depending on how Hayden's legs are holding up. If he plays at all, Walls will likely spell Franks and Hayden. It's incumbent upon Owens and Franks to step up—they have the talent to do so, at least—and for Hayden to recover as quickly as humanly possible. The Falcons are lucky right now to have Robinson available, as he's the only sure thing going.

It's a concern, obviously, and Grimey's gonna be missed. Let's hope he recovers quickly.