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Who Is Your Falcon To Watch This Weekend?

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I'm probably stealing Dave's thunder here, but this was what came to mind as far as post material goes. The question is easy: who will be your Falcon of focus this weekend? Will it be Ray Edwards as he continues to improve from knee surgery? Will it be Michael Turner? Matt Ryan? Joe Zelenka?

Personally, mine's Julio (if he plays). I want to see more of Julio, since we traded the farm for him, and he's been injured. I don't want him to play if he's going to be rushed back, but again, I don't know of a hamstring injury that could keep a guy out for more than a month, but what do I know.

If Julio doesn't play, then my attention turns to Matt Ryan. He hasn't had his best season, statistically, but it'll be interesting to see what happens when he runs the no huddle offense. I'd like to see a little more consistency out of our franchise QB, but I'm not calling him inconsistent.

Should be a fun game to watch this weekend. Who is YOUR Falcon to watch?