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Thought Provoker Round 2: Which Makes Which? OL or RB?

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This is a man's hat right here.
This is a man's hat right here.

The title may or may not be confusing.

Since today is thought provoking Wednesday, I'm going to follow up Dave's thought provoker with one of my own.

In your opinion, does the OL make the RB? Or does the RB make the OL? For the sake of discussion, try to avoid "It's a little of both."

What I mean by that is does a good RB make a subpar OL look good, or does a good OL make a subpar RB look good?

Personally, I think a good OL makes an RB look better. I'm one of those that believes that a good line can go a long way, and if the holes are there, just about any RB could run through them. Without a good OL, there's no holes and running becomes much more difficult, if not impossible.

What do you think? Can a good RB make up for a faulty OL? Or can a good OL make up for a lack of RB talent? Discuss!